Well hey there, I’m Sarah Mazza – here’s a little about me!


Hip, newly 40 and loving it, outside of the lines thinker and creative momma who’s raising
three-not-so-little boys into men and blessed to share it all with the guy that I’m still crazy mad in love with.
My hubby and I are polar opposites, so it’s kind of like having my own roller coaster open twenty-four seven. Good times.
If you ask my family to describe me (well, I did) they would say I am a…down-to-earth, sort of a crunchy granola, bohemian hippy chick, a little bit snarky and a lot of bit sarcastic, way silly and spontaneous, and that I’m a talker.
They are my life.

My journey with photography first began in high school when I saw my first film image develop right before my eyes. I love the instant gratification that digital provides, but I still love the authenticity of film.  I shoot a lot of 35mm, but medium format absolutely holds a special place in my heart. The number of rolls that I have to be developed on any given day is ridiculous. Developing is always on my to-do list.

It’s impossible for me to even watch tv/movies
anymore without chasing the light and I am constantly making my mister pull the car over on road trips so that I can take pics or the occasional impromptu shoot. He is so used to this that he has actually been known to send me text messages with images of possible session locations he found while driving. By himself. 😉


I’ve been through a lot in my life and I believe with all that I am that God gave me the ability to see things visually
to first help heal my own heart, allowing me opportunities to connect with people and tell their stories through my craft.  
It’s the only thing I can see myself doing. Ever.

I want to bring My Point Of You into your life and into your home by telling your story.
Let’s get together and create something beautiful!